Why you should arrange a Professional End of Tenancy Deep Clean when vacating

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The most common reason for disputes between landlords and tenants usually relates to poor levels of cleanliness when properties are handed back. Sometimes even with the greatest effort the inventory will fall short of the mark. This then impacts the tenant as the deposit will be withheld until the problems are resolved and can sometimes lead to additional charges on the rent to cover the period that it takes.
The landlord will then legally have the right to make deductions which can have a devastating effect on a tenant from not having the funds to put a deposit or pay rent at a new rental property or having to borrow to make up the shortfall or even worse becoming homeless.

Either way its disruptive to both parties and can often lead to lengthy arbitration with the DPS or even legal action. That’s why tenants need to pay close attention to the tenancy agreement and the attached photographic inventory. These documents carefully outline what’s expected from both parties, however these are surprisingly disregarded until an issue arises by which time its often too late to avoid the expense of charges
and fees.

Our advice to tenants is read all the documents related to your tenancy from the outset (including the clauses in small print), and make sure you can find it easily, as not knowing is not a defence when you’ve already signed and accepted the terms. Allocate funds for
not just moving, but also have a budget for any cleaning and repairs.

Unless you’ve cleaned in a professional capacity, instruct a reputable cleaning company that is capable of meeting all of the requirements and get them to guarantee their work. It’s a dedication that only a very few have, we never compromise or cut corners.

Our highly rated End-of-Tenancy Deep Clean service will be tailored to your property to ensure that your Buyer, Agent or next Tenant will be completely satisfied.

Having completed upwards of 1000 Property Deep Cleans to date, we’re so confident with our methods that we will guarantee to get it right 1st time. We only use commercial grade cleaning supplies which are more expensive and give a better finish than products you’ll find in your
local supermarket.

In the event that, you see anything that you’re not 100% happy with, or an inventory clerk flags up an issue we’ll pop back to without a quibble to sort it out. We guarantee our work, and so ensure every property looks showroom condition on completion.

Saints CPM are specialist service providers and have been working with Developers, Landlords, Agents, Homeowners & Tenants since 2008.

We’re one of the few companies in Bristol who are able to provide an end-to-end service around the home. We do absolutely everything from general deep cleaning, carpets & upholstery, windows, ovens and more, so if you do find a cheaper quote elsewhere take into consideration the extra cost of completing any jobs they don’t or can’t cover. If you would like an instant estimated quote, you can generate using our online calculator.


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