Deposit Protection Scheme.

Moving out of rental properties has become a lot more complex since the introduction of the Deposit Protection Scheme. The scheme was introduced in 2007 because the government recognised deposits were being unfairly withheld by some unscrupulous landlords.
Since then a raft of procedures have been put in place by estate agents and landlords to protect both parties. The most common format is the inventory which has become part of the rental agreement, which tenants have to sign to accept returning the property to the same standard in which it was provided.
Inventories are undertaken by the estate agent or and independent 3rd party. The fully document the condition of the property and include photos that will eliminate any disputes should they arise.
The majority of tenants pay little attention to the rigour of those expectations until its time to move out. Quite often the required level of cleanliness isn’t achieved by the vacating tenant and they’re often penalised with an unexpected cost so the landlord is able to put the property back on the rental market.
Saints CPM has almost 10 years experience in the cleaning industry, and to date have completed 100’s of End of Tenancy Deep Cleans. We are the only local provider that covers every aspect of cleaning rental properties to the highest standard, so there’s never a need to use anyone else.
Our range of services include:- General cleaning, Windows, Carpets, Upholstery and Ovens. We provide the highest grade cleaning products which are typically used in hotels to give a showroom finish which is the standard we aim for.
Each job is bespoke as the ergonomics of every home is different. Some have children, students or pets, others have singletons, couples or elderly folks. Therefore we like to visit each property so we can specify what will happen, how long it will take and how much it will cost.
Our solid reputation has been built by following a method that ensures every job is completed to the highest standard to ensure our client deposits are returned in full.
If you’re moving out of a rental property and are worried about meeting the level of cleanliness it was in when you moved in call us or book a consultation.