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Rental Property Maintenance Plans

Are you a private Landlord or a Letting Agent?

Do you have any properties on your books that you just can’t seem to shift?

Tenants searching for a property to rent have become far more astute than just a few years ago.

Most will use online portals such as Zoopla or Rightmove and providing there isn’t a shortage in the area they want, will simply avoid anything that looks too shabby.

The reputation of an agency can also get tarnished in that selection process, as the ones who promote them will be associated with being a slum landlords best friend.

Deep cleans are becoming the industry standard practice between tenancies and sometimes during if midterm inspection failures highlight a significant fall in cleanliness.

Nobody wants to move into a rented flat or house, only to spend the entire weekend cleaning it from top to bottom before unpacking. Equally some Landlords do not see it as a priority to provide a clean property.

Saints CPM is a specialist provider of End of Tenancy Deep Cleans, and to date have 100’s of satisfied customers. Our aim is to bring vacant lets up to showroom condition.

We help Landlords turn vacant lets around promptly and can often do this on the day the tenant moves out.

Providing a clean and well presented property to let reduces the time to find new tenants, saves the letting agent time and often helps within increasing rent levels.

Therefore agents should be reluctant and in many cases refuse to take on such properties on their books.

Our Rental Property Maintenance Plans are for this purpose, and provide the budget to produce the best comprehensive results including kerb appeal.

Plans include

Deep clean property throughout.

Carpet cleaning

Oven cleaning

Window cleaning (inside and out)

Depending on the size of the property and the number of staff required, a deep clean is usually scheduled to take a full working day.

We cover every surface of the property and even move furniture and free standing appliances, to clean underneath and behind them.

The costs associated with cleaning the general wear and tear should be factored into the rent. The deposit should not be intended to be used for this purpose as it can adversely affect and lead to the tenant experiencing financial problems with securing a new rental property.

You can either make your tenants aware of our plans, or take one a plan and tag it on to the monthly rent.

Plans are paid monthly via Direct Debit to spread cost and make them affordable and avoid a big hit at the End of Tenancy.

To get pricing on our plans, please go to.

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